Porcelain Floor Tiles The Toughest You’ll Ever Find

You won't find a floor tile tougher than porcelainIf you are looking for a very tough floor tile, then head straight to the porcelain range. Porcelain floor tiles are the toughest floor tiles on the market. These tiles are so dense they are naturally waterproof although you can find porcelain tiles that have an added glaze – these are best suited to areas that are constantly wet – for example, in swimming pools.

Porcelain floor tiles are man-made tiles although they are based on natural substances, namely, porcelain clay, hence their name. Porcelain as a product has been around for centuries and can be found everywhere in your home. For example, wash hand basins, toilet bowls, dining and kitchen-wear, and even dental products such as crowns and wafer thin veneers.

One of the big benefits of porcelain floor tiles is the range available. You can find tiles in almost every color and texture. You can even find porcelain floor tiles that look very much like natural stone tiles. These tiles can bring the beauty of marble or granite to your floor at a much lower cost, and without any maintenance issues that natural stone may require.

Before undertaking a flooring project using tiles, talk to one of our tile experts. We can help you put together a project plan, then help you find the right tiles for that project. Éco Dépôt has three showrooms in Montreal with each having a wide range of tiles for you to choose from. Porcelain floor tiles are very tough and will last for decades with minimal maintenance. These tiles are also easy to clean and will handle most commercial cleaning products should you need a hygienic environment.