Porcelain Floor Tiles – Glazed Or Unglazed?

Glazed or unglazed porcelain floor tilesWhen buying porcelain floor tiles, you have a choice between a glazed and unglazed finish. There is a big difference between the finish, and that goes well beyond the glossy look that a glazed porcelain tile displays. Unglazed porcelain floor tiles are often used in commercial and industrial environments whilst it’s more common to use glazed porcelain floor tiles in residential environments.

Unglazed porcelain floor tiles can be given a non-slip treatment during the manufacturing process. This makes them ideal in industrial environments, or for outdoor use in residential settings. Unglazed non-slip porcelain floor tiles are also ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

Glazed tiles deliver a warm and inviting look that is long lasting and easy to maintain. You don’t have to put a lot of effort into maintaining the sheen since it’s created during the manufacturing process, not by adding a sealant after installation. Even when a little dirty or dusty, porcelain floor tiles still have a sheen. A quick mop with floor detergent and water and your tiles are back to their best – sometimes plain warm water will do the trick.

Porcelain floor tiles are the hardest floor tiles available, are naturally water resistant, and will not stain easily. The downside to porcelain tiles is that they are slightly more expensive than ceramic floor tiles, and they can be very difficult to work with if you don’t have the right tools. Their hardness can make them difficult to cut so if you are going to install them yourself, be sure to order slightly more than you need. This will give you extra tiles should you crack or break one trying to cut it to size.

Talk to a tile expert at Éco Dépôt before making a final decision on a porcelain tile. There is a big difference between glazed and unglazed, and you do need to make the right choice before installing those tiles.