Polished Granite Tiles Bring A Classically Elegant Feel To Any Room

Polished granite tiles add real elegance to any roomGranite tiles are the perfect choice when a hard surface is required.  They are also the perfect tile in situations where durability and low maintenance is important. For example, as kitchen countertops, in high traffic areas, and for flooring in commercial and industrial environments.

Marble and travertine are natural stones that are in the calcite family. This makes them a fairly soft and porous stone. Granite is made from quartz and feldspar, making them amongst the hardest and most durable natural stone products. When cut into tiles, granite maintains that toughness and so will not scratch as easily as marble or travertine. Granite is also more resistant to most acids and so will not etch nor leave dull spots on the surface.

When it comes to countertops, granite is one of the most preferred and can be purchased as solid single pieces or as tiles. The solid singe pieces are harder to work with and are generally not suitable for do-it-yourself kitchen installations. Granite tiles are easier to work with and look just as good as single slab, especially if the grout lines are kept fairly thin.

Granite tiles are also a popular choice for floors, sinks and showers, and for outdoor use. You can buy granite basins – these are basins that have been cut from blocks of granite, polished and prepared with a drainage outlet. They can be combined with a good bathroom vanity and matching floor or wall tiles to create a stunning bathroom. When granite has been smoothed and polished it brings a classically elegant feel to your home.

Éco Dépôt stocks a range of beautiful granite tiles suitable for floors, walls or countertops. Talk to one of our tile experts before making a final decision on your tile choice. They will ensure you make the right tile choices for your project.