Plan For Ledges In Your Tiled Bathroom

bathroom tilesBathrooms are great places for tile. A tiled floor in the bathroom can allow for a small radiant heating mat beneath it, giving bare feet luxurious comfort while being waterproof. Tiled walls are logical extensions of the practical assets of tiled floors because you can add customized features here, too.

Before you start your bathroom tile project, think about how the space will be used every day. You might even want to take a look at your current bathroom use to analyze the products your household likes to keep at hand.

Does everybody have their own particular type of hair & body products? Are there a lot of assorted bottles and items in your shower or bathtub space? Where do the grooming things around the sink go? Is all this stuff getting in the way of getting clean?

Tiled walls in the bathroom have a huge advantage over all other types of wall because you can put waterproof ledges and niches where you need them. They need to be planned beforehand, but this is easy to do at the beginning of your tile project. A shower could have a long niche for each user, sized to hold their favorite products. A sink or tub could have a handy ledge for small items and bath toys. All this convenience is clad in the same waterproof tile of the walls and the effect is one that you will appreciate for years.

When you come into our Montreal showroom to look at bathroom tile for your project, talk to one of our expert assistants about what is involved in putting a few ledges or niches into the wall at the same time. You will be pleased to see that this is an easy addition if done during the initial framing. All you need to do is decide where you need it done, how many you want, and what size they should be. It costs pennies more, adds considerable value to your home, and keeps all that stuff out of the way.