Places You’ll Love Slate In Your Home

slate tileSlate has been a popular building material for centuries because it is easily split into sheets of durable, slip- and water-resistant items for the home. Roof tiles made of slate are often left in place for the life of the building. Window and door sills made of slate are attractive, practical features in many building styles. Outdoor walls, walkways, and fences of slate abound, as do gravestones testifying to the durability of this stone.

Inside the home, slate often is used in the kitchen because a slate surface holds up to high-traffic conditions and spills of any nature. That same reliability makes slate a good choice in the bathroom; even when wet, a slate floor is less slippery than other materials. If you are fortunate enough to have a woodstove or fireplace, slate is a fireproof barrier for a hearth or wall. Mudrooms, hallways, and conservatories are all candidates for the qualities slate flooring brings to the space.

Smaller leftover pieces of slate floor tile make good trivets for candles and hot cookware. They make garden pathways and edgings for plant beds. If you are fortunate enough to find old roofing tiles, the holes drilled in the top edge make it easy to hang an old-fashioned chalkboard where you want it. Cheese lovers have glued felt to the bottom of slate tiles and made a beautiful cheese presentation board.

There are many places in your home where you’ll love slate, don’t you agree? Fortunately, Éco Dépôt has a wide selection of slate in our three area showrooms for you to explore and find the slate that is perfect for you.