Add Pattern To Your Home With Ceramic Tile

ceramic floor tileOne of the nicest things about ceramic tile is the ability to combine different colors and designs to make patterns you love on the floors and walls of your home.  This lets you have color and vivid design in a space that may not be large enough for furniture. It gives those who dislike a monochrome look the decor they prefer, but is easy to clean and doesn’t get in the way.

Imagine a small entryway tiled only in one shade of taupe. Some would love that look, and it would be perfect for them. The sunlight coming in a window still dances across the floor, the floor is easily mopped when muddy boots are taken off, and it holds up to the rigors of its location. It is a calming, neutral space that acts as a buffer zone between the outdoors and the rooms inside.

Now, imagine that same small entryway tiled in a patchwork of bright colors and shapes. The sunlight dances across reds, blues, and golds and bounces against the walls, filling that space with lively color. The same ease of maintenance is there; muddy boots do not harm the floor, and it is easy to clean. All that has changed is the color and design of the ceramic floor tile. This buffer zone is an invigorating invitation to come inside.

The same material, ceramic tile, produces both effects. It is really up to the homeowner choosing the flooring for that entryway. When you come into the Éco Dépôt showroom to look at the selection of ceramic tile flooring you will see a wide range of options. Ceramic tile lets you have the colors and patterns you like to look at on a floor you will like to live with.