Patchworked In Canada: A Tile Treasure Hunt

patchwork tileHave you seen any vintage Portugese tile magnets around Montreal? At the end of January, 2014, the Patchworked In Canada project hit the streets in the Le Plateau – Laurier area. These beautiful ceramic tiles were rescued from obscurity by Dear Human and were part of a two-stage exhibit at the Toronto Design Offsite Festival.

Find Your Own Vintage Tile Treasure

The tiles are from a lifetime collection of discontinued tiles from the ceramics factories of Portugal. Tiles were stacked and piled in farm outbuildings and neglected. The Dear Human studio took 1200 of the most appealing, reworked them as magnets, and created a mural for the first stage of the exhibit. Then, in the second stage, the tiles were carefully placed around select areas of Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal to be discovered by the passersby and taken home.

The backs of each tile have contact information and an opportunity to hear the “Patchworked” story as well as leave your own story of where you found your tile. There are still tiles out there…placed on magnetic surfaces around the city.

Ceramic Tile Is A Valuable Discovery

The tiles that were found stacked around a farm in Portugal were able to be used because they could be cleaned up. The dirt and refuse did not sink into the hard, fired clay and glaze. Once the surface grime was washed away, the original design was displayed unharmed.

This quality is the reason why ceramic tile continues to be one of the popular selections at Éco Dépôt. You might not find one of the vintage Portugese tiles from the Patchworked In Canada project, but you will definitely discover many beautiful ceramic tile options in our Montreal showrooms.