Outdoor Tiles That Stand The Test Of Time

Outdoor floor tiles can last for decades - or longerIf you want an indication as to which tiles are best suited to outdoor use, look no further than places like Rome, Greece and Egypt. You will find stone that has not lasted ten or twenty years. No, it’s lasted centuries, and will most likely continue for several more centuries. Admittedly, those buildings have used large blocks rather than the tiles we know today, however, they are still a good indication as to longevity.

Granite is one stone that has lasted for centuries. In its natural state, it can take hundreds of years for weather, and that includes rain, hail, snow and blistering hot conditions, to make any sizeable indentation. When cut into tiles, granite will certainly last decades as an outdoor tile.

Slate is another tile that is popular for outdoor use. One of its natural properties is its non-slip nature. This makes for a versatile outdoor tile that looks fabulous on decking, or around swimming pools and water features. These tiles also look good on external walls, particularly feature walls.

Ceramic floor tiles are also a popular choice. Ceramic tiles  will stand up to the most brutal of weather conditions including ice and heat. Ceramic tiles come in a huge range of colors and finishes – you will always find a tile suited to your decor whether it’s modern and contemporary or classic and rustic.

If you are unsure as to which tile is best suited to your outdoor living area, ask an expert. Our tile experts are only too happy to show you our range of outdoor tiles and to answer any questions you may have. Éco Dépôt has three locations in Montreal offering a complete range of wall and floor tiles, benchtops, spashbacks and bathroom vanities.