Outdoor Tiles Paths That Blend Into Your Garden

Outdoor floor tiles can be used for paths, as stepping stones, and for outdoor stairs. We consider tiles for the inside of our home, and sometimes even for patios and around swimming pools. Tiles can, however, be very versatile and used for pathways, stepping stones, and even garden steps. If you are considering a makeover in your garden, stop for a moment and consider tiles for areas such as pathways.

Tiles can add charm to any garden. Natural stone tiles can help to make a pathway look natural and blend in with your garden. Natural stone will withstand the heat of summer and the cold of winter, whilst always providing a firm non-slip footing. Natural stone tiles are also less prone to having moss buildup on the surface, one of the leading causes of footpath accidents.

If you want a special effect, you can consider the old English style of mosaic tiles, simply by creating a mosaic effect using different colored tiles.  The effect can be stunning, and is often used for paths that lead from the front gate to the front door. Ceramic tiles are one of the better options when considering a mosaic effect.

Slate tile is one of the oldest stones used for flooring, and has been used outdoors for thousands of years. One of the big benefits of slate tiles is their nondescript appearance when used outdoors. Where a mosaic effect is designed to catch the eye, slate tiles do the opposite; they allow your garden to shine through by not dragging the eyes down.

Floor tiles can be very versatile with many able to be used for great effect outdoors. If you are unsure as to which outdoor floor tiles you can use, talk to a tile expert at Éco Dépôt. They will be happy to show you the best tiles for your outdoor project, how to lay them successfully and how to maintain them to best effect.