Selecting Outdoor Tile For Montreal

outdoor tiles in MontrealMontreal is a beautiful location, with weather that is notorious for changing quickly. This time of year, the freeze/thaw cycle can happen in a very short time as a sudden weather change swings the thermometer up or down. As a result, any outdoor spaces need to be paved with material able to withstand the potential for damage.

The primary factor in outdoor tile for this location, then, is a low level of absorption so that water will not seep into crevices and pores. Once that happens, a freeze causes the water to turn to ice and expand, cracking the hardest rock. In some cases, a porcelain tile designed for outdoor use will actually be better than a natural stone tile because it has a lower level of absorption.

Another factor in outdoor tile is slip resistance. There is always a chance of sudden precipitation, and wet surfaces are slippery. Texture in pavers and other outdoor flooring is vital for safety because it provides traction even when wet. This is one area where a smooth glassy sheen is not the best idea.

Durability is a logical factor in outdoor tile since most of the time landscaping is part of the design. Mature plantings will be affected when worn and cracked tiles are replaced. Once you have created your outdoor living space, it’s nice to be able to use it for years as intended.

We carry an excellent selection of outdoor tile flooring in Montreal, in all of the Éco Dépôt showrooms. For over forty years, we have been supplying tile to this area, and we know what types of outdoor tile will be suitable. We’d love to show you what we’ve got and help you with your next tile project!