Has Your Outdoor Entertainment Area Seen Better Days?

Outdoor floor tiles are long wearing and easy to installThere’s nothing like a comfortable outdoor entertainment area to relax in on a warm summer’s day – something that’s just a fond memory at this time of the year. For many people, their outdoor entertainment area has seen better days if it exists at all. Winter is the perfect time to start planning an upgrade of outdoor areas, even if it’s too cold to actually start work. By planning now, you will be ready to start and complete the project well before summer returns.

Outdoor floor tiles are comfortable to walk on, look great, and just as importantly, are economical in the long term. If you purchase the right tiles, install them correctly, and undertake basic maintenance, they will last for years if not decades. With the right tiles, it will be a long time before you can say your outdoor flooring ‘has seen better days’.

Your choice of outdoor floor tile is huge, ranging from natural stone tiles such as granite and slate to the man-made ceramic and porcelain floor tiles. Outdoor floor tiles are generally water-resistant and non-slip and will take the punishment that hot summers and cold winters deliver. Floor tiles can also be an easy do-it-yourself project with the right advice, equipment and materials.

To plan on an updated or new outdoor entertainment area, first determine the environment – for example, open to all weather extremes, close to a swimming pool, lawn, or gravel path – and yes, these can affect different tiles, especially if transferred onto your tiled floor through foot traffic. Gravel and softer tiles do not go well together, and some tiles are cooler even when exposed to direct sunlight. With this information, the tile experts at Éco Dépôt can help you select the right tiles for your project. Before planning your outdoor entertainment area, come and talk to us, our aim is ensure your completed projection lives up to your expectations.