Open Concept Restaurant Kitchens And Tile

restaurant kitchen tileOne of the trends in restaurant design is the open concept kitchen. Diners are increasingly aware of all that goes into professional food preparation, and many appreciate being able to watch a chef create the meal they soon enjoy. An open kitchen gives customers a look at all that goes on, and that means it is very important that the kitchen be designed to function professionally and look good.

Commercial grade porcelain tile provides a surface that meets both of these criteria, because it is designed to hold up to the abuse of a busy kitchen environment, can be cleaned with the sanitizing solutions required by law, and look the way you want it to since porcelain tile can come in just about every color and design imaginable.

The tiled wall behind the chef can be gleaming white subway tiles, exotic patterns from the cuisine being prepared, elegant marble, country checkerboard, or any of a wide variety of porcelain tiles available for commercial use. Flooring tile has the same flexibility. It really is up to the designer to give the kitchen the look that sets your restaurant apart; porcelain tile provides the material to do it.

Éco Dépôt Céramique carries many styles of restaurant wall and floor tile in Montreal. Since we have been providing commercial tile to the area for over forty years, we have experience in helping you select the perfect tile for your open-concept restaurant kitchen, one that will enhance your establishment and highlight the unique offerings of your chef.