Office Tile Flooring Stands The Test Of Time

Office floor tiles last years, if not decades, and their beauty never fadesModern offices need a modern floor covering. The trend over the last decade has been to introduce natural light into office buildings. This is generally achieved by adding as much glass as possible. Walls are painted a lighter color, and there has even been a trend that includes feature walls made of natural stone, particularly marble, that helps to reflect light. The same can be said for office floor tiling – it helps to bring a very modern functional feel to an office.

Office tile flooring has other benefits. Carpet, which has been the staple for most offices for decades, does require a lot of maintenance. Carpets require daily vacuuming, and generally need to be replaced every ten years. Stains can be difficult to remove, however, carpets do help to absorb sound, and that is seen as a positive.

Tiles are much easier to maintain and are much longer wearing. With the right office tile flooring, you’ll never see the marks of regular traffic. Tiles are more stain resistant, water proof and easier to decorate around. You can even use rugs as part of your decor, if you want that carpeted look in various areas.

You can visit our online showroom to get an idea of the range of tiles available. Our highly trained tile experts can help you select the best tiles for your office floors, provide advice on how to have them laid, and ongoing advice on how to look after them. Tiles stand the test of time in both wear and tear, and in their timeless beauty and grace.