Office Tile Flooring A Smart Business Decision

Office tile flooring - more cost effective than carpetMost people take their floors for granted. At home, we do spend a bit of time considering our flooring options, however, in the work place most business owners look at current costs rather than long term costs, often opting for the cheapest flooring available. As I said, we take our floors for granted and for many businesses, the floor is the least important area to warrant extra expense.

This is particularly true in retail and office flooring. Yet your floor does tell visitors a lot about your business. Heavily worn carpets are not a good sight, and it doesn’t take very long for regular walking trails to show up in office carpet – just take a closer look around your coffee machine, water fountain and bathrooms. Floor tiles, whilst sometimes a little more expensive than carpet, are much more cost effective in the long term.

Good quality floor tiles won’t stain, crack or scratch easily. They can be cleaned with regular soap and water, and require very little in the way of long term maintenance, yet never show any significant signs of wear and tear.  Tiles dry very quickly, unlike carpets that can take hours to dry after a shampoo or steam clean. Good office floor tiles will last for decades – they certainly won’t need replacing every five-ten years like some carpets.

Office tile flooring is actually a smart business decision when it comes to long term planning. Your initial costs will lead to long term savings in terms of cleaning, maintenance and replacement. At the same time, your office floor will look great year after year. If you need help in deciding which tiles are most appropriate for your office, talk to one of the floor tiling experts at Éco Dépôt. They’ll be happy to show you the range of floor tiles available and help you find a floor tile that suits your business.