Office Tile Flooring Delivers A Professional Finish

Office tile flooring that's functional, durable, and looking goodIf you are looking to impress clients, then tiled floors can certainly achieve that. Tiled floors won’t just impress. They bring a hint of professionalism, helping to develop trust and confidence. Natural stone has long been a popular option for office tile flooring.

Marble has always been associated with wealth and class and has long been popular in niche office buildings; for example, law and financial planning and specialist medical offices. Granite office tiles are renown for their durability and low maintenance, and they have been popular in office buildings that receive a lot of traffic. Court houses and banks often make use of granite – whilst hard wearing, it still has a charm of its own.

Modern buildings tend to opt for ceramic or porcelain floor tiles. Durability and low maintenance are a feature of these tiles along with water resistance and low costs. Ceramic floor tiles are certainly worth consideration if cost is at a premium.

Whilst tiled floors can be noisy, they don’t have to be. With the right preparation and the right selection of tiles, noise can be dramatically reduced. The floor tile experts at Éco Dépôt can certainly help you find the right tiles for your office flooring, and this includes noise reducing floor tiles. Éco Dépôt has three showrooms in Montreal and an online showroom where you can preview a variety of wall and floor tiles in a range of settings.

If you have the time, check out our online showroom, then visit one of our brick and mortar showrooms. Our tile experts can quickly help you plan and find the right tiles for your next office floor project.