Is Your Office Making People Sick?

office tileIndoor air quality is extremely important; it is the air you are breathing the entire time you are inside, after all. But office buildings have sometimes been the source of illness due to poor air quality. There’s even a name for it: Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

If you or the people you work with get headaches, nausea, eye or skin irritations, coughing, etc. that only happen when in the building, that building should be investigated for SBS. It can occur with a lot of new building materials or furnishings giving off volatile gasses (new carpet! new paint!). It can also occur when older materials absorb pollutants and release them, like molds building up in the area of a leak.

You could open the windows to get rid of all the indoor pollutants. A good air exchange system will ventilate the building, exhausting the “bad” air and bringing in freshness. But many offices are not equipped with windows that open, if you are lucky enough to even have a window.

One major way to ensure good indoor air quality and avoid SBS is to use an inert tile, like the office tile flooring you will find in our showrooms. Tile that is ceramic, porcelain, glass, or stone will not adversely affect your indoor air quality because it does not absorb odors or other pollutants. It does not give off gasses while it is new. You don’t have to clean it with harsh solutions that make your eyes water, but it is easy to keep clean.

Tile flooring is a good start in healing a sick building and bringing it back to indoor air quality health.