Update Your Office Lobby With Natural Stone Tile

natural stone tileOne of the best ways to update an office lobby is with a careful use of natural stone tile. In one project you incorporate the elegance of tradition with the cutting edge of modern trends. It continues to look good, too, because natural stone brings all the durability of rock into your lobby.

Commercial stone tile flooring comes in many variations that all will hold up to the traffic of a public space and the maintenance that entails. You can use tile in more than flooring, however. Travertine on the wall behind a corporate logo will subtly hint of stability while marble tile facing on a reception desk echoes luxury without shouting. Natural stone will vary because it is not manufactured; it is hewn from the earth and reflects the processes that formed it.

It’s a good idea to look at office lobbies you admire and evaluate exactly which details cause that impression. Which features please you? Which do not? Why? You will find that color, texture, and lighting all play a role in the effect a reception area has on the guest.

Éco Dépôt Céramique carries many types of office tile in our Montreal showrooms. Every selection has passed our rigorous standards for inclusion in our inventory but not every tile will feel appropriate for your office because your company has a unique personality and you want to express it in your reception area. If you are in a very casual industry, you may prefer slate or travertine to marble or granite.

The beauty of having three showrooms in Montreal means you can come in to the nearest one and touch the tile, seeing it from different angles, and having your questions answered by the expert staff. You can update your office lobby with the exact natural stone tile that expresses your business.