What Does Your Office Flooring Say About Your Business?

office flooringThe flooring in an office makes a distinct statement about the business that is conducted on its surface. If your office flooring says, “worn out” and “dingy”, maybe you need to consider an upgrade. While carpet may be appropriate in some individual offices, tile has many advantages in office environments.

That carpet retains odors and allergens, requires extended time for maintenance, and will be non-recyclable when replaced. Tile is inert, so even new flooring will not be giving off gasses. It is easy to clean, and dries quickly, keeping your building space useable. It also will be easier to recycle at the end of its life, but that life is considerably longer than you’d think.

It’s important to choose the tile that says what you want to say about your business, because tile lasts a long, long time. Corporate logos and colors are easy to reproduce with tile, as is more subtle statements of attitude. Are you hoping to remind the visitor of permanence? A stone tile might be perfect. Elegance? Marble often is a floor found in palaces. Technology’s potential? How about large tiles of granite? A visit to the showrooms at Éco Dépôt Céramique will give you many ideas.

Our designers are well-trained, and we have been supplying the surrounding Montreal area with office tile flooring for decades. We can provide delivery for purchases over 300 square feet and give you the tile flooring that says your business is successful. That floor will hold up to the heaviest office traffic, be easy to keep clean and attractive, and provide a professional flooring surface for decades. Come in to one of our area showrooms and see what your office flooring can say about your business.