Office Floor Tiles A Sensible Investment

Office floor tiles can last decadesFloor tiles can be a sensible long term investment for office buildings for a number of reasons. The most glaring is the low maintenance costs associated with certain floor tiles. Porcelain, ceramic and natural stone floor tiles can last for decades unlike many other floor coverings that require replacement every five to ten years. Coverings such as carpets wear unevenly – you can have some areas that look as good as new, even after five years, whilst other areas become well worn in a year or two, depending on traffic. That same traffic will barely leave a mark on quality floor tiles.

There are other benefits to installing floor tiles, not just financial. Good floor tiles will not absorb odors, stains or liquids or harmful substances such as bacteria and molds. Bacteria and mold will exist on tile floors, don’t get me wrong there, however, a simple mop down will soon remove most of them whereas carpets require professional cleaning to remove the same substances. Carpets will quickly stain if there are accidental spills, and those stains can be virtually impossible to remove. Stone tiles won’t stain, especially if you wipe up any spills immediately.

When you consider the competitive one time cost of installing floor tiles, the durability of those floor tiles, and their ability to withstand odors and stains, the concept really does start to make sense. Floor tiles may need resealing on an annual basis, however, that need not be an expensive cost. In fact, sealing may well save you money in other areas – for example, lower cleaning costs.

Offices are starting to turn to alternative flooring options like natural stone. They are comfortable to walk on, make the movement of furniture an easy task, and really do look good. There is such a wide range of colors, patterns and finishes available you’ll always find a floor tile that will fit into your office’s overall decor. If you have any concerns or questions related to office tile flooring, come and talk to one of the tile experts at Éco Dépôt. We can help you select the right floor tile (or wall tile) for your office environment, offer installation advice, and help you put together a maintenance plan that will ensure those floor tiles last for decades.