Office Floor Tiles – Carpet, Vinyl Or Porcelain?

Beautiful and practical office tile flooringThere are many different types of floor tiles available for use in commercial environments. When it comes to selecting an office floor tile, you need to be mindful of the use that tile will have to cope with. Offices are rather unique in the way foot traffic uses the floor space. It doesn’t matter how you lay out your office space, you’ll quickly notice that everyone will start to use common ‘pathways’.  This means one section of flooring will receive a lot of traffic whilst others will receive very little.

Some of your office floor tile options include carpet, vinyl, porcelain and natural stone. Each has pros and cons, although some of the pros and cons will outweigh others. Carpet, for example, has a reasonable lifespan, however, it can become maintenance heavy and over time will clearly show the pathways that foot traffic makes. Vinyl tiles can look good, however, they are not forgiving when it comes to accidents and will show cuts and scratches very quickly.

Porcelain, ceramic and granite floor tiles have several advantages over carpet and vinyl. Hard tiles are far more durable compared to carpet and vinyl, are much easier to clean, and require little in the way of maintenance. If there is a downside to hard tiles, it is noise, however, this can be reduced by selecting the right tiles and having them installed correctly.

If you are looking to tile an office floor area, consider the advantages that hard tiles such as porcelain, ceramic and granite offer. In most cases, you have a one off cost of buying and installing those tiles, then minimal costs to maintain them – and they will last decades, you can’t say the same when it comes to carpet or vinyl. If you need help selecting the right tile for your office, come and talk to one of the tile experts at Éco Dépôt – you’ll be surprised at how beautiful yet practical an office tile floor can look.