Using Office Floor Tiles To Advantage

The wide application of office floor tilesMany businesses prefer to have carpet in their office areas, in part because of the noise reduction factor that carpet offers. When it comes to the public areas of an office – for example, customer service and reception areas – floor tiles make a lot of sense. In fact, why stop with the floor?

Floor tiles can be used in a wide range of applications, and in an office reception area it is quite practical (and attractive) to use the same tiles on a public facing wall of the reception counter. Tiles are very easy to clean – a simple wipe over is all that is required. At the same time, these tiles are durable and will take any punishment handed out – even from disgruntled clients who try to sink the boot in to your reception counter (chances are they’ll have a sore foot before they do any damage).

Granite and slate tiles are a good choice, however, any tile (including the softer marble) could be used to effect. You can even extend harder floor tiles to the counter top if you wished, a practical thought if there are a lot of heavy traffic passing over that counter.

If noise is an issue in this environment, then talk to a tile expert at Éco Dépôt. They can advise you on how to reduce the noise factor by selecting the right tiles and through the use of noise reduction techniques when installing your tiles. Modern office floor tiles don’t just look good, they are practical with a wide range of applications.