Now Is The Time To Plan Your Patio

patio tile showroomWinter has its grip on Quebec, it’s true — but this is the best time to start thinking about how your outdoor spaces could be updated or created. Now is the time to collect  your thoughts, look at the possibilities, and explore your options in outdoor living.

Collect your thoughts

Get a notebook and start a list of the problems you currently face in your yard.

  • no place to sit?
  • no place to play?
  • low spots that become swamps?
  • no place to entertain?
  • mud tracked into the house?

Start another list — a wish list — of what you’d love to do in your yard. See how they overlap? Those overlaps are things you definitely want to put into your plan somehow.

Look at the possibilities

Look out your window and think about what would add to your yard in winter. The hardscape, made from materials like stone tile, doesn’t change with the seasons. Your patio plan should include features that continue to be attractive with snow and ice added. For instance, a slate patio between the yard and the door will help keep the mud outside. Benches, planters, and statues add interest even when they are covered with a blanket of snow.

Begin a collection of ideas you have seen, in magazines or online, that might work for your situation. These are the equivalent of a seed catalog for a gardener.

Explore your options

Visit one of our showrooms and look at the many choices available in outdoor tile flooring. The floor of a patio is the foundation for everything that happens on it; it is important that it be high-quality material and installation. Talk to our experts about the realities of working with outdoor tile flooring (it isn’t as difficult as you might think) and explore the many options you have for creating the perfect patio for your home.