Now Is The Time To Plan For A Woodstove

ceramic tileIt sounds a bit funny to speak of woodstoves in the spring, but a well-planned installation of a woodstove might take a few months. Thinking about the project now will give you time to do a good job before you really need that warmth.

Ceramic tile is often part of a stove installation because it offers a fireproof surface that adds beauty to your home. Sometimes ceramic tiles are used on the pad the stove rests on. Often, ceramic tile is an attractive backdrop or fireplace surround. Occasionally, there will be ceramic tile used on the stove itself! The kachelhofen, or European ceramic stove, is a classic example of ceramic tile’s appropriateness for this use.

Even though ceramic tile has been used this way for centuries, you can have a completely contemporary feel simply by changing the look of the tile. Every decor will have an appropriate style of ceramic tile designed to complement it. In the case of fireplaces and woodstoves, there are considerations that may eliminate some of your choices. The hearth a stove sits upon, for instance, needs to accommodate the weight of that stove so the tile should be chosen accordingly.

The wide selection of ceramic tile in our Montreal showrooms is generally used on floors and walls, but there are many other possible ways that tile can enhance your home. If you have been wishing you had a stove last winter, maybe we can help you make that wish come true by providing the perfect tile for your stove’s hearth or backdrop.

Tell the expert tile advisors at Éco Dépôt about your home remodeling project and they will be able to show you the ceramic tiles appropriate for your installation.