How To Find The Best Non-Slip Residential Floor Tile

There is a wide range of non-slip residential floor tiles to chose fromThere are times where people ask the wrong questions even though they seem right at the time. Non-slip residential floor tiles are a good example. A question frequently asked is “what is the best non-slip tile to use in my (kitchen/bathroom)”. The reality is there is no simple answer.

Why? Most tiles now have non-slip options. Ceramic tiles used to be very glossy and slippery when wet. These days, you can buy ceramic floor tiles that are, if not totally non-slip, then slip-resistant.

The best question to ask a tile expert is much simpler – “show me your range of non-slip residential floor tiles.”  You could also refine your request to include where you want to use tile – for example, asking to see their range of non-slip bathroom tiles.

Natural stone is one of the best floor tiles for wet areas, however, if they have been sealed and polished to a glossy finish, then they too may be a little slippery. Porcelain is another floor tile option that has a non-slip range. It should be remembered, however, that no flooring option is 100% non-slip since the floor is only one component. Tiles can be non-slip to bare feet, but extremely slippery if wearing high heels.

This is where the advice from a tile expert at Éco Dépôt Céramique is recommended. They can show you our extensive range of non-slip tiles and help you select the best options for your project. Once a tile expert knows where you want to lay your tiles, and the general use, they will be able to recommend a range of non-slip residential floor tiles to chose from.

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