No Fuss Office Tile Flooring

Floor tiles are a perfect no fuss solution for any officeThere’s a lot of work that goes on in an office each day, and in many offices, there’s a lot of work that goes on after hours. The after hours work is generally a cost drain on businesses as it produces no income. Why? Because it’s the cleaning work that is done in preparation for the following day’s work. You can significantly reduce some of those costs simply by installing office floor tiles. This is particularly true if you have carpets installed.

One of the hidden benefits of floor tiles, especially natural stone, is the reduction in static electricity. Carpets are renown for building static electricity, and for some people, this can be a real issue, especially when they ground themselves and receive an electrical shock. Natural stone tiles are inert when it comes to electricity, so they will not create the kind of friction that leads to static electricity.

That aside, natural stone and porcelain tiles are quick and easy to clean. These tiles are water-resistant, and in most cases stain-resistant, so a quick sweep or vacuum and the floor is ready for use. Carpet has pile, so it takes longer to vacuum and, if stained, requires treatment to remove the stain (if you’re lucky). Tiles will not absorb odors either whereas carpet will slowly absorb and build up even the faintest odors until they reach a point where those odors are no longer faint – walk into an older carpeted office that has been locked up for a few days and you’ll know what I mean.

Come and talk to one of our tile experts if you are wondering which tiles are best suited to your office. We will help you assess your office environment to determine which tiles would be the most practical. We can also offer advice on how to install those tiles, and how to maintain them in order to keep that new look. Office floor tiles represent good value and, over time, are the no-fuss solution for any office.