Install A New Vanity To Bring Your Bathroom Back To Life

Wall hung bathroom vanityHave you ever looked at your bathroom and thought it needed revamping? I know there are many who do, and I also know that many of those people put it on the ‘too hard’ shelf. Taking out old tiles, sanding, repainting and installing new tiles is time consuming and can have that bathroom out of action for several days. If you have porcelain, ceramic or natural stone tiles installed, then you needn’t worry about replacing them – they most likely have years of life left in them.

Instead of replacing those tiles, clean them up. A good steam clean will restore them almost to their original state. You may need to regrout if the tiles are old, however, that’s not a big task, and it can be done in sections. With the wall and floor tiles cleaned and looking good, all that’s left is the vanity, and a new vanity that matches the original tiles will breath new life into your bathroom. In fact, if you do a good job with the tiles, the finished tile will look like a complete remodeling job.

Bathroom vanities come in all shapes and sizes now. There are small vanities that either hang on the wall or those that are tall enough to stand on the floor. You can also find bathroom vanities that are wide enough to easily hold two sinks – these two are either wall hanging or floor standing. When it comes to finishes, the sky is virtually the limit. You can have a new bathroom vanity that is painted, has stained timber, or comes with tiled surfaces.

If the cost and hassle of remodelling your bathroom has you worried, come and talk to one of our experts in bathroom vanities and tiles. We can help you remodel your bathroom, and you never know, it may come down to a new vanity and a good cleaning job – suddenly, the solution is not expensive nor time consuming.