Natural Stone Tiles – What Mother Nature Can Do For Floors

Natural stone tiles come in a wide range of colors, finishes and stone types.You can imitate natural stone, however, it never really looks as good as the real thing. In today’s post, we’re interested in stone – natural stone, as it’s found naturally. This stone is cut to the required size, often polished smooth, and sometimes sealed to preserve the natural beauty.

One of the joys of using natural stone is that you have a choice – a lot of choice. Granite, marble, slate and travertine are the most common natural stones used to make tiles. You can also choose between polished finishes and stone in its natural state. Granite is often used in its natural state whilst marble is generally polished to mirror like finish. That doesn’t mean you can’t find tiles that are polished granite, or unpolished marble.

Natural stone also comes in a huge range of colors and hues and naturally found patterns. Look at the different colors found in marble with patterns cutting through the marble like thin veins. Each tile is fairly unique as no two pieces of natural stone are identical. Slate also has interesting random patterning through it. This makes for an interesting floor surface – certainly not boring.

Whilst flooring is one of the main areas for natural stone, you can also use it to great effect on walls, either as a feature wall (a popular choice in offices), or in kitchens, bathrooms, and even bedrooms. Natural stone tiles are a popular choice by those looking for either an old world or modern look (and everything in between). Natural stone is hard wearing, easy to clean, scratch and abrasion resistant and temperature resistant. Natural stone is generally¬† stain resistant if sealed correctly. Looking for a great floor tile? Consider natural stone – it’s a lot friendlier on the pocket than you realize.