Natural Stone Tiles An Environmentally Friendly Choice

Natural stone tiles are a great choice if you are concerned about the environmentNatural stone tiles are made from materials that are abundantly available natural resources. How abundant? The earth is made from stone so we’ll probably never run out. As a floor covering, natural stone can last for a very long time – centuries even. When they do break down, natural stone tiles become dust – a environmentally friendly product. The fact that you don’t have to replace a natural stone floor for a long time is another important issue to consider.

If you compare natural stone tiles to man-made products such as linoleum and vinyl, the environmental effect is very different. Linoleum and vinyl take a long time to break down, and when they do, there is always a risk that toxic substances are left behind. There are even concerns that man-made products could expose people to a wide range of chemicals, some of which have been linked to problems such as asthma.

There are no harmful chemicals in natural stone. It’s a product that’s found in nature and can often be used in its natural state. Most people have a preference for tiles that have had a protective sealant applied, however, if you are concerned about environmental issues, then you can use natural stone tiles that have not been sealed. You may find that, as a payoff, you need to take extra care of these tiles – a small price to pay if you do have those environmental concerns.

Natural stone is an environmentally friendly choice. Natural stone can be collected with minimal effect to the environment; it is chemical-free and will, over time, break down to a natural substance – you could hardly ask for a better ‘green’ product. If you want flooring that is environmentally friendly, then natural stone tiles should be the first place to look.