The Easy Natural Stone Tile Maintenance Guide

With the right maintenance natural stone tiles will last decadesNatural stone tiles look supurb in any environment. Unfortunately, natural stone tiles do require a little maintenance, however, if done regularly, the tasks are not laborious or expensive.

The real expense comes when these tiles are neglected, although even then they’ll take a lot of mistreatment before they need replacing. By following this easy care guide, you’ll save time and money whilst keeping your natural stone tile floors looking great.

  • Seal annually – if your natural stone tiles are sealed, then it pays to reseal them each year. Resealing is not costly especially if you compare the costs to having your carpets professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Sealing protects your tile floor whilst also making cleaning much easier.
  • Sweep daily – dust, grime and grit are the natural enemies to any tile floor, so it pays to remove these on a regular basis. Some rooms may need sweeping twice a day depending on the traffic and the environment.  You can also use a damp mop or vacuum if you prefer.
  • Mop regularly – again, this will depend largely on the traffic that goes across your floor and what that traffic is doing. In dining areas, food and drink could be spilt. This will require mopping.
  • Clean first – if liquids, particularly those that contain acids, are spilt on the floor, clean them up immediately. Acids can leach into the sealant and then into the tile itself . Get in first and clean up any spills.

When cleaning, be wary of some commercial cleaners. You can buy special natural stone tile soap – this is gentle on the tile, yet it will help to dissolve grease, oil and grime. Some commercial cleaners are too abrasive for natural stone tiles, so they are best avoided. Simple dish washing liquid and warm water is generally the best approach.

In short, if you keep your natural stone floor tiles clean and reseal them regularly, they will last for decades. If you need advice as to which natural stone tile is best suited to your next project, come and talk to one of the tile experts at Éco Dépôt Céramique. They will help you sort through the various tile types, helping you acquire a finish that you’ll really be proud off.