Natural Stone: Montreal Offices On A Ritz

natural stone floor tiles in montrealIf you are looking for ways to put your Montreal office on a ritz, try natural stone floor tiles. They are more than just a way to add natural beauty to your decor. They also add character.

Natural stone comes in many different flavors – colors, styles, hardness, and other definable attributes.

Types of natural stone floor tiles include

  • Slate
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Travertine

What makes natural stone so special is the way it is made. All stone tiles originate from either igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic rock. In its life cycle, rock can transform from any of the three types of rock into either of the other two, so nothing is static and hardly ever is what it seems.

As rock is formed, it creates patterns of minerals found in the earth within its grain. This is often what creates the natural beauty of the stone itself.

Each type of natural stone created from the natural processes of the earth has its unique qualities. Some are harder, some are more dense, some show more luster, they showcase different colors, and they have differing amounts of minerals and other elements. The one thing they all have in common is durability.

Natural stone is nature’s way of giving back some of its beauty in a practical form. You can add natural stone flooring to your Montreal office and be the talk of the town.