Tips For Keeping Your Natural Stone Floor Tiles In Great Shape

The huge range of natural stone floor tilesThere’s nothing better than walking into a room that has a natural stone tile floor.  The sheen they provide looks great, however, that sheen can soon dull if those tiles are not looked after properly. Considering the investment made in natural stone tiles, it makes sense to look after them, and it’s not hard.

Natural stone tiles can be purchased with a variety of finishes. Some are completely natural with no work done to improve the surface. You can also buy these tiles that have had sealants applied. These sealants are generally the type that penetrate the tiles providing a decent barrier against water and stains. Other natural stone tiles are sealed after installation. This sealant is a topical seal and can be easily damaged if not cared for.

There are two simple tips to maintaining natural stone floor tiles. Acting quickly and acting often.

Acting Quickly

If any acidic liquid is spilled, then mop it up quickly. Use an absorbent material like paper toweling and work from the outside in – this will prevent the spread of this liquid. Once you have washed up the visible liquid, use a mild detergent (weak dish washing liquid) to clean the area.

Acting  Frequently

Some of the big enemies for any hard flooring are dirt, sand and grit. Under foot, this can act like sandpaper slowly wearing away at the surface. If you have a surface sealant, this will quickly disappear under the wear and tear of dirt and sand. A daily sweep (or vacuum) will help to reduce the impact of these materials whilst a weekly mop with a weak detergent will help to clean away any sticky messes and any dust that is missed by the broom or vacuum.

By acting quickly and frequently, you will maintain the luster that natural stone floor tiles deliver for years, possibly decades. Floor tiles that have had a topical sealant used will require resealing over time, however, that’s a story for another time.

For more information on natural stone floor tiles, visit our showrooms and speak to one of our experts. Éco Dépôt has three showrooms in Montreal, each with a wide range of natural stone floor tiles on display.