Are Natural Stone Floor Tiles Hard To Maintain?

A range of natural stone tiles that are low maintenanceNatural stone has been around for thousands, perhaps millions, of years. This makes it one of the most durable substances on earth, however, over time it does degrade. This is how we get smaller rocks, pebbles, sand and dirt – the weathering of rock.

Because it so durable, natural stone has long been a popular choice for floor tiles. It seems there is a misconception among some people related to the maintenance of natural stone floor tiles.

This misconception may stem from natural stone tile’s competition – for example, carpet tiles and vinyl. They like to promote their products as being superior and will use any means to achieve that end. So how hard is it to maintain natural stone tiles?

The answer to this question will depend much on the type of tile you install and the finish you apply. If you apply a sealant to your tiles after installation, then you will need to reapply that sealant at some point in the future. When you reapply your sealant will depend on the type and quality of the sealant used, and the wear and tear that sealant receives. Many people like their natural stone tiles to be in their natural state. If that is your preference, then your long-term maintenance is not going to be taxing on your time or pocket.

If there is going to be an issue over time, it will relate to either tile breakages or the break down of the grout used. A good quality grout will last a decade or more, and breakages will only occur if very heavy objects are dropped onto your tile floor. In most homes, neither of these are issues, so your maintenance routine is more a cleaning routine.

To keep natural stone floor tiles clean, a daily sweep or vacuum will suffice. You will need to mop your floor regularly, however, that will depend on how dirty they become. Kitchens may need mopping each day whereas other areas may only need a mop once a month. Before making any decision about floor coverings, talk to a tile expert. They can show you the full range of natural stone tiles that are available and offer advice on what ongoing maintenance will be required to keep them looking like new.