Be Wary Of Natural Stone Floor Tile Warranties

Natural stone tiles come in so many different colors and stylesThere are times when we come across natural stone tile retailers (particularly on the Internet) who made rather exaggerated claims about their products, often offering warranties that are really impossible to maintain. Natural stone is, as the name implies, natural, and it comes with all the imperfections – and beauty – that nature has to offer. That doesn’t mean we can’t offer warranties. However, they must be sensible, and they must be couched in terms that are commonsense.

A good example is supply – if you buy natural stone floor tiles today, it is highly unlikely you’ll come across a perfect match for these tiles in six or twelve months.  When buying your tiles, you need to buy from the same batch in order to have well-matched tiles. Fortunately, when it comes to natural stone, you may well find tiles that are very similar and that will blend in with your current tiles – there’s just no guarantee.

We also cannot offer any warranties if tiles are installed incorrectly, misused, or not maintained appropriately. I recently read on one website about a ‘lifetime’ warranty on their floor tiles. How long is that ‘lifetime’? They didn’t say, and they also didn’t say exactly what the warranty covered. It makes for a nice marketing tag, however, when it comes to substance, there was a lot lacking.

Before buying your natural stone floor tiles, check for any warranties, and be sure to understand exactly what is and isn’t covered under that warranty. When buying floor tiles from Éco Dépôt, you can have complete confidence in the products on offer. We will help you select the right tile for your project, offer installation and maintenance advice, and do everything possible to help you complete your project successfully. When it comes to warranties, talk to one of our tile experts – you’ll have a very clear understanding of what is and isn’t covered then.