The Most Important Thing About Slate

Slate has been used as a building material for centuries. Look around at historic buildings in Montreal and you will probably see slate tiles on the roof. Usually, a slate roof will last the life of the building, but occasionally one or two tiles are damaged somehow and building owners were talked into replacing the entire roof with “modern” shingles. This generally leads to regret, because the modern shingles don’t have the lifespan of slate.

slate tilePeople also use slate on the ground as pavers for a patio or walkway. The natural texture of slate helps keep it from being slippery when wet. Indoors, slate is a popular flooring choice because the natural variations guarantee a unique floor like none other. It’s also used as a fireplace surround and in many other applications.

Slate has many devotees, but it also has some detractors who point out the pitfalls in using a metamorphic rock that has many variable qualities. Depending on where it was quarried, how it was laid, and what it needs as maintenance, slate can be a very challenging surface. So how do you make sure you love your slate once it is installed?

Get Expert Advice For Your Particular Project

When you come into the Éco Dépôt showrooms in Montreal, you will find some beautiful slate tile for sale. But you will also find highly qualified tile experts who can explain the different variables that natural stone tiles will have, the requirements for proper installation, and the maintenance that a particular tile will need.

The most important thing about slate is choosing the right tile for your project, and that will happen when you utilize the expert help you find at Éco Dépôt.