Create A Fantastic Mosaic Using Slate Floor Tiles

The fabulous colors of slate tilesThere’s a lot to like about the random splashes of colored veining that highlights slate floor tiles.  It’s not just veining either – slate floor tiles often come with splashes of color that look like accidental paint spills, yet when installed as floor tiles, add a warm and rustic feel to a room.

You can create your own fantastic floor tile mosaic using nothing more than slate floor tiles and thin neutral grouting. When buying your tiles, select a range of different colors rather than just buying the one color. Before cementing your tiles in, carefully lay them out into a mosaic that really appeals – then, when you’re happy, cement them permanently into place.

Slate floor tiles come in a wide range of colors and patterns. The more common tiles are pure grey/black. You can also find those same tiles with color ranging from little splashes through to dominant splashes with colors ranging from cream through browns to red and orange. You can select one color (or color combination) as a main color, then randomly add in other colored tiles. Alternatively, you can be completely random with no main color dominating.

When planning a slate floor tile mosaic, talk to a tile expert. You will need to ensure your different colored slate tiles are similar in quality, thickness and size. The tile experts at Éco Dépôt love a challenge, and there’s nothing more challenging than helping someone put together their own floor tile mosaic. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the finished product too – mosaics are so very personal, they really let your creative side shine through. Come and talk to us if a floor tile mosaic appeals.