Modern Bathroom Vanities For Your Home Renovation Project

vanities-imgThe bathroom is one place where functionality plays an equally important role as aesthetics. While the bathroom needs to look and feel comfortable and fashionable, it also has to be functional to serve its purpose in the best possible ways. One way to merge both needs is through the right choice of vanities and cabinets.

These are some important pointers to note while considering the right vanities and cabinets for your home renovation project.


The right installation would require accurate measurements and making sure the plumbing supports the desired design. This is where proportion plays a critical role. While the vanities and cabinets should be the focal point in the bathroom, they should not overpower and overwhelm the space.

Balance and harmony

While you can get carried away with the endless design possibilities, focusing on the right sizes, balance of colours and design will ensure harmony and beauty that flows within that space.

Maintenance and Storage space

With the wide variety of vanities and cabinets to suit your design and functional needs, it is useful to consider the maintenance aspects as well. When considering vanities such as free standing versus wall mounted for example, it is important to note that while the former provides ample storage spaces, they are often harder to clean around corners and nooks.

Whether you choose to revamp your bathroom or simply add something new to the old, we have an extensive range of imported vanities to suit your needs. Sleek or simple, timeless or modern, we provide many styles and sizes to help you realize your dreams of the perfect design.