Did You Know You Can Mix-n-Match Natural Stone Floor Tiles?

Different natural stone floor tiles that can be mixed and matchedLarge floor areas can be difficult to cover, more so if the one color and pattern doesn’t appeal. When it comes to natural stone floor tiles, you can mix-n-match them, you don’t have to install just the one type. You can have, for example, one or more marble squares surrounded by granite, or perhaps slate squares (or diamonds, triangles – whatever suits your decor) surrounded by granite, travertine or marble.

You can also include ceramic and porcelain floors into the mix if you wish – they can add a lot of color that help to either highlight the size of the room or help to break the room up into smaller areas. The other alternative is to use the same tile type in different colors, for example, using pink and green shades of marble in a pattern that suits your decor. This is where your own imagination can come to the fore.

If you are having trouble creating a design that appeals, then we suggest talking to one of our floor tile experts. We can help you design your floor area, select the most appropriate tiles to achieve the finish you desire, then provide advice on how best to install these tiles. That latter is an important factor if you are going to install different tile types, you need a base that is common to all the tiles you intend installing.

Mixing different tile types can achieve quite stunning results. Different tile types can also create the illusion of a larger or smaller space. Tile size and grouting thickness will also help to achieve this illusion. When out and about, have a look at some of the floors of older public buildings – mixing different floor tiles was once a common practice, a practice used to create a visually appealing floor space – you can do the same thing in your home.