Marble Tiles Are Not Great All Rounders

Marble tiles are not suitable for every flooring situationMarble tile brings a certain elegance to a home, however, it is not a great all round tile. Before opting for marble tiles, you need to consider a number of factors and whether or not another type of tile is more appropriate.

One of the problems with marble is that it can be a rather soft stone when compared to granite. Marble, being a limestone, is also not very tolerant of acids – and that includes acids contained in fruits – for example, orange juice. In fact, orange juice will etch into marble quite quickly if not cleaned immediately. This makes marble less than suitable for kitchens, counter-tops and backsplashes.

Being a little softer than many other forms of stone, marble will not stand up to heavy traffic, animals, or the punishment that children can hand out. Marble is not then ideal for busy family rooms. Water-born minerals can also create problems for marble, so it isn’t advisable in showers.

That’s the downside of marble. On the upside is one fact that can’t be denied – marble is elegant and adds a touch of class. Marble is well suited to areas that don’t receive a lot of traffic – for example, living rooms in predominantly adult families. Front entrances are also a good area – most families tend to use the backdoor more than the front door, that’s reserved more for visitors, and marble will wow them on arrival.

If you are not sure about marble tiles and whether or not they are suitable for your new floor, talk to a tile expert. They can help you determine whether or not marble is best, and if not, which tile types are. If you really like the marble look, then consider imitation marble in either ceramic or porcelain. They will handle many of the issues that make marble unsuitable.