Marble Tile Floors Can Be Low Maintenance

Marble tile floors can be low maintenance if you start with the right tile.There is nothing that matches the stunning look of a well-cared-for and polished marble tile floor. In its natural state, marble can be quite soft on the surface, so when first purchasing your tiles, be sure to choose those that have been sealed. Quality marble tiles that have been sealed can be a good low maintenance flooring option.

Marble tiles are scratch resistant – the emphasis being on “resistant.” There are few flooring options that are truly scratch proof, however, a few simple steps will ensure your marble floor stays looking good. The obvious step is to remove anything that could create scratches in your marble tile floor. Regular cleaning with broom or vacuum will remove sand and grit, which could be ground into your floor. A regular clean with a mop will remove anything that has stuck to your tiles. You should clean up any spills as soon as possible, particularly those of an acid nature such as vinegar, lemon juice and wines.

When it comes to detergents, you will need to check that they are safe on sealed marble tiles. If you are unsure, you can always do a test patch in an out-of-the-way corner. If your test patch looks good after using the product, there’s a good chance the rest of the floor will as well. If you’re not sure about chemicals, you can always turn to steam. Steam mops will remove almost anything that has stuck to your floor, and the steam will help to sanitize the tiles as well.

If you are considering marble tiles for a flooring project, talk to a tile expert first. They will help you assess whether a marble tile is your best choice, how to lay your tiles, and how to look after them long term. Éco Dépôt can provide you with expert advice on all your floor tiles needs, including Marble tile.