Marble Will Give You Cold Feet

marble cold feet montrealIf you like to walk around the house in your bare feet, then you probably don’t want a marble floor – especially in Montreal. The winters here are mighty cold, and marble floors are naturally cold. In the winter months, your whole body will freeze with cold feet being the culprit.

That said, marble is very nice. It’s expensive and high maintenance, but the sheen that your floors will hold if well kept is worth every minute of time you spend on it.

Wear your house shoes. They’ll keep your feet warm.

It’s not a well kept secret that cold feet make the whole body cooler. That’s why we recommend house shoes, or at least socks, for home owners who want the luxury of marble floors.

If you want marble floors in just one room of the house and that room is used only for special occasions, then you can exclude the caution. Many people like to marble the floors of their conservatory or party room. That’s a great way to spruce up your entertainment area, especially if you have frequent gatherings of many guests. You will certainly impress them with your marble floors.

Marble tends not to do well outside, however. It will oxidize under moist conditions. More so in the heat, but just because you live in Montreal doesn’t mean that marble will fair well beside your pool. For that, we recommend a natural stone.