Marble Tile: For Palaces And For You

marble tile MontrealMarble tile has been used in buildings for centuries. Royalty in many countries have used marble for their home, but it isn’t out of the question for use in yours. Even though it is associated with classic art, monuments, and architecture; the properties of marble make it a practical choice for many applications.

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed under the heat and pressure of the earth’s interior. Fossilized materials, limestone, and minerals become crystallized and veined in a dense formation that is quarried in huge chunks, cut from the rock, and taken to mills where it is sawn into gradually smaller sizes for use. Because it is a natural material, there are variations in color that are expected in wall and floor tiles; this is part of the beauty of marble and desirable.

Marble tiles sometimes have small faults that can be filled with pigmented resins to strengthen the tile and protect it. It can be polished to a smooth sheen or honed for a matte surface depending on the desired appearance.

For flooring, marble has been used in hospitals because the dense surface is easily maintained as a sanitary material. This means that it is a good hypoallergenic choice in the home because it gives no foothold for allergens. During the summer, it offers a cool surface that many prize.

Éco Dépôt Céramique offers marble tile flooring in many forms. The natural stone used by artists, kings, and emperors because of its beauty and durability can be seen in our showrooms. Using marble tile in  your home is an investment that increases your home’s value and gives a sense of royalty.