Marble Tile Is Cool

marble tileOne of the characteristics of the classic marble floor is its coolness. Not just “cool” in a fascinating, trendy way but “cool” because marble doesn’t absorb heat as much as other types of tile. This means that marble tile can be used for some cool, practical things.

A marble tile is a great cheese board because it will keep the cheese cool but not too cold. Marble makes a good surface for rolling out pastries that need to stay cool in order to be flaky. Many bakers will even use rolling pins of marble so the fats in their dough will not melt during handling. Marble is often the surface of choice for candymakers, too.

When you come in to Éco Dépôt and look at the many beautiful marble tiles available, you will see some that would be perfect for small serving slabs and similar gift items. All it would take is a protective backing, like felt or silicone dots, to keep the stone from scratching a surface. Marble comes in a huge spectrum of color, and you will find tile that coordinates with any decor. It really is cool, in the fascinating & trendy way.

But the coolness of marble tile is also wonderful in the practical way. During the heat of summer it saves money on your utility bills. Air conditioning costs are greatly reduced with marble floors since they don’t retain the heat. Marble tile flooring in Montreal is beautiful any time of year but in the summer’s heat, it is really cool.