Marble Tile Flooring Can Boost A Home’s Resale Value

Marble tile floors will increase a homes value quite markedly.Impressions do count, and nothing leaves an impression like a well-looked-after marble tile floor. Marble, like all natural stones, has real character with each tile being totally unique. Whilst Marble is a sandstone-based stone, it is the other elements and minerals that are incorporated in a totally random way that helps to make each stone very different, even when cut into tiles.

We live in an era where home prices can be quite volatile. The US has seen a real slump in home prices, as much as 60%-80% in some areas. What is striking is that quality homes in quality areas have not been hit as hard suffering only 30%-40% drops in value. We haven’t had quite the same effect here, however, it certainly pays to look for features that may improve your home’s value, marble tile flooring is certainly one of those features.

Marble tiles have a lot of benefits that are not always easy to see. For example, marble doesn’t absorb heat quickly, so in the midst of summer, those tiles will remain cool. Dogs, cats and young children recognize this – you’ll often see them laying down on marble floors; for them, it’s a welcome relief to the summer heat.  Other benefits include scratch resistance, water resistance, and stain resistance.

In most cases, marble tile flooring will last a long time, certainly longer than most carpets or vinyl floor coverings. Home buyers are certainly quick to relate to the cost benefits of well-looked-after marble tile floors.  In most cases, a comparison of two homes that are identical bar the marble tile flooring in one, it is the home with marble that will be priced much higher, and be more sought after. If you want to improve your home’s value, consider marble tile flooring – if there is a downside, it is the fact you may never want to sell that you need to consider.