Marble Isn’t Just For Dance Floors

Vanity with marble tile backsplashWhen many people think of marble flooring they immediately conjure up images of Cindarella and the prince at the ball. That’s a nice romantic idea, but not all marble floors are dance floors. In fact, marble is very versatile and can be used in a lot of different rooms to enhance your decor.

You’ll often see marble in bathrooms, for instance – especially commercial bathrooms. But they do need to be maintained well. Marble in a bathroom conveys elegance and style. If you want people think you have exquisite tastes, then add marble to your restrooms.

Marble also looks nice in kitchens, and not just on the floor. You can make a nice countertop with marble.

Hallways and foyers are two other great locations for marble, if for any reason because they make a great first impression. Your guests will walk into your home or office building and see your nice marble floor. Right away they will know that you are a discriminating person who seeks only the best.

Take a walk down a marble hallway and you’ll know immediately why it was done. Marble halls are beautiful and profound in a very simple way.

Meeting rooms can also include marble floors. If you want to impress clients or potential clients, then take them into a room with a marble floor. This is where you make your first and lasting impressions, so make them good.

Dining halls are good locations for marble floors. If you reserve a certain room for special occasions, make that room special for reasons other than the occasion.

Marble is a versatile material that can add exquisite beauty to any room, whether you lay it on your floor or another surface.