Marble Floor Tiles – Honed Or Polished

Marble looks great, however, it can be high maintenanceWhen looking at floor tiles, you will come across several different options. With marble floor tiles, some of the options include either honed or polished finishes. Polished finishes are, as the name suggests, a floor tile that is quite smooth and polished to a gleaming finish. Honed floor tiles are not as smooth, and they don’t have that glassy gleam to them. Which tile then is best?

Rather than suggest one finish over¬†another, I’d rather look at the characteristics of each. To begin with, marble is a soft stone when compared to other natural stones like granite. Being softer, marble is easily damaged if not treated corectly. Polished marble floor tiles look fantastic, however, they will scratch easily and will lose that glassy look quite quickly if not kept clean, dry and polished on a regular basis. Polished marble floor tiles are also very quickly damaged by any acids – for example, orange juice, wine and many household cleaning agents.

Honed marble floor tiles are no tougher than the polished variety, however, because they are not polished smooth they do not show up scratches as much. They are also better able to handle acid spills, although time is the enemy here – leave any acid on any marble floor tile for any length of time and the acid will cause permanent damage.

Polished marble floor tiles look great if you have the time to maintain them, and if they are placed in very low traffic areas. Honed marble floor tiles can be used in moderate traffic areas, however, you will need to ensure they are properly maintained. Honed marble floor tiles can be used in bathrooms, even in showers, although they will need to be towel-dried after each shower, and you should avoid soaps that have a high acid level.

Marble is a great floor tile when maintained. Come and see our range of marble floor tiles, and while you’re at it, have a chat with one of our tile experts. They will be able to offer advice as to the suitability of marble in your environment.