Marble Floor Tiles – Classic Elegance In Any Home

Marble adds elegance to any room - even the bathroomLooking for a classical floor covering? You can’t get any more classical than marble floor tiles with their timeless charm and pure elegance.  Marble is one of those floor coverings that can be a little hypnotic – sit for a moment and stare into the stone and you’ll soon be lost in it’s luster.  Some people have marveled at it’s liquid-like look – almost a magical quality.

Why do people make such a fuss over marble? It does have that timeless elegance and magical quality, however, what captures most people’s attention is the overall look that marble floor tiles deliver. Bathroom, dining room, living area and hallways are all suitable areas for marble floor tiles – they will blend into any decor with ease.

Marble is a hard-wearing stone as evidenced by the Roman buildings that are still standing – the Romans were extensive users of marble as both floor and wall coverings (not to mention their statues).  Marble is easily cleaned and doesn’t require expensive maintenance programs. With the right care, you certainly won’t be needed to replace your flooring any time soon (and we are talking decades here). Marble tiles are generally sealed to prolong their life, and this will require periodical resealing. However, this isn’t a difficult process – and when we say periodical, we are not talking monthly. At best, you may be looking at annual or bi-annual.

Looking for that classical finish to your home? Come and and talk to one of our tile experts. The staff at Éco Dépôt will happily show you our range of marble tile flooring.  We can also provide advice on how to lay your tiles (if you intend doing it yourself), and how to care for your tiles.