Looking For Low Maintenance Floor Tiles?

Natural stone tiles don't have to be high maintenance flooring optionsThere is a myth often repeated by vested interests that floor tiles – in particular, natural stone – are high maintenance. Whilst this is a myth, there’s no doubt that, in some environments, floor tiles can be high maintenance. This is often simply because the wrong tiles have been used for that environment. The right natural stone floor tiles in the right environment can be low maintenance – and if you eliminate cleaning as a maintenance issue, then the tiles can be no-maintenance tiles.

It doesn’t matter what sort of flooring you have, there is a daily cleaning regime required. With most floor tiles, that is simply sweeping or vacuuming. You will need to clean up spills as soon as possible, but then, that is necessary on all surfaces anyway. Apart from a daily sweep, all tiles can use a freshen up on a regular basis, but this only involves mopping with a damp mop with perhaps a little mild dishwashing detergent.

Now, I know some people will ask about annual resealing of floor tiles, however, this is only required if your floor tiles were sealed to begin with. If you have natural stone tiles that are in their ‘natural’ state, then you will not need to ‘reseal’ them. If your floor tiles have been installed correctly, there should be no need to regrout or do any further work to those tiles. Just keep them clean and that’s the end of your maintenance regime. No annual shampoo or steam clean; no annual seal and polish; and no added costs.

When considering your flooring options in either a residential or commercial setting, talk to a tile expert as part of that consideration. You may find you can have a great looking natural stone floor covering that has little if any maintenance requirements, often for a price similar to many other options. In the long run, natural stone floor tiles win hands down when it comes to cost, durability, and maintenance.