Making Life Easier With Bathroom Wall And Floor Tiles

Floor to ceiling bathroom wall and floor tilesWho likes cleaning bathrooms? I’d hazard a guess that not many people would put their hands up to that question. The modern trend is for floor to ceiling tiles, and when you think about it, it does make a lot of sense. Painted surfaces don’t last that long – if you get ten years, you’re very lucky. Tiles will last a lifetime, and the only long-term maintenance required is their grouting, which is not a difficult task.

When it comes to cleaning tiles, a wipe down is all that is required on a regular basis. In most cases you can get by using a window-cleaning tool. If there is a build up of grime, then steam-cleaning or grime-dissolving cleaners is all that is required.

As for looks, you just can’t beat tiles. Porcelain tiles are very popular in modern bathrooms, however, you can use granite and slate tiles to effect as well. What does look impressive is a combination of tiles – porcelain tiles on the walls and granite, or slate tiles on the floor. Add in a bathroom vanity and the finished effect can look stunning – just check out the above image where a combination of different color and sized bathroom tiles have been used.

If you want a bathroom that looks as stunning as the one above, then come and talk to one of Éco Dépôt’s tile experts. They will help you design your new bathroom, help you select the right tiles for each surface, and offer advice on how best to install and look after your bathroom tiles. We can also help you find a new bathroom vanity to match your bathroom tiles. Bathroom wall and floor tiles do make cleaning easier, and the ongoing maintenance is certainly less of a hassle.