Let Us Help You Design Your Bathroom Tile

bathroom tileDid you know that Éco Dépôt can give you professional advice on tile options for your next bathroom project? Whether it is a new powder room or a long-awaited remodel of an eyesore, our experts are able to give you help.

All three of our Montreal locations are staffed with well-trained experts who are able to answer your questions about the excellent selection of tile we carry. They can help you figure out the best tile for the way your new bathroom will be used, the most practical and beautiful design concepts, and more.

There are a lot of bathroom tiles to choose from in our showrooms. You can look at manufactured tiles like ceramic, porcelain, or glass mosaic. You can consider natural stone tiles, like slate, granite, or travertine. Each type of tile has characteristics our staff can explain and answer questions on.

They may ask you some questions in return, in order to show you what you might want. How much traffic will this bathroom have in a day? What level of maintenance is realistic? Is there existing plumbing and subfloor able to hold the weight of the tile? Who is installing it, and how experienced are they with the tile you like?

Questions like these will make a difference in the tile you choose. For instance, if you love the look of marble but are putting this tile in a bathroom for kids, you may want to consider a porcelain tile that looks like marble instead of a stone that has more maintenance. It’s good to get an expert’s perspective on your remodeling ideas, and Éco Dépôt is where you will find that expertise on tile.