Laying Retail Tile Around Your Customers

re-tiling retail floors in MontrealFor retail businesses, the challenge is re-tiling your floor around your customers. How do you do it?

You could keep your retail store open and work around your customers, laying tile in one section at a time as your customers shop. But to do that you’d have to cordon off the section of the store you are working on and that would cause you to lose sales. It’s not a practical option for most retail businesses.

Another way to do it is to close the store while you lay your tile. You won’t inconvenience your customers while they shop, but you’ll still lose sales. If you’re not open, you’re not making money.

A third way, and this is the preferred way for most Montreal businesses, is to have your work crew laying tile during your off hours.

If your store is open on weekends, then you have nights and that’s it. If your retail store is closed on weekends, then that is optimal time for your crew to lay tile. If your store isn’t too big, you can lay your tile in one weekend and be done. On the other hand, it might take two or three weekends.

Working through the night is a slower option, especially if your retail store is open until 9 p.m. or midnight. Some stores modify their hours on the days they’ll be laying tile.

You’ll have to give this ample thought. Base your decision on expected sales for the period you intend to close your doors. If it isn’t feasible, use the weekend or all-nighter option. Have your work crew come in and start working when the doors close for the night. If practical, have them do one section at a time. That way, you can tile a section of your store one night and another section on another night until your entire store is remodeled.

It is a challenge to re-tile a retail store in Montreal, but it’s not impossible. You have to get creative and plan the work ahead of time.